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            As important factor to aircraft safety and cost benefit, the aviation supplies play a crucial role in aviation maintenance and support. The aviation supplies support in our operation and support system include original spare parts, recommended spare parts (the aviation supplies recommended to procure in signing contract with customer) and the spare parts for service and support. Functioning to maintain and resume aircraft, airborne equipment and ground support equipment in the operation of aircraft, the spare parts for service and support refer to the irreparable parts or partially reparable parts essential to the design performance, playing the most important and indispensable role in the process of aviation supplies support.

            The aviation supplies service provided to the customer includes:

            1. Providing aviation supplies support activities for aircraft within warranty period;

            2. Accepting aviation supplies order, including "AOG" order from customer;

            3. Providing service of repairing the aviation supplies within and beyond warranty period;

            4. Providing service of aviation supplies rental and equivalent replacement.


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